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What Is The Blue Flag Certification?

We are back and this time with a very interesting and novel theme, the Blue Flag award. Surely, you have seen in a port or beach area a hanging flag, blue with some white drawings and you have wondered what it is and why it is there, today you will know everything that you have always questioned. It is very common that, when seeing this flag, people approach and ask, because it has a beautiful blue color that attracts a lot of attention and the best thing is that it has an even more wonderful meaning than the design. In brief words, although we will explain to you in detail later, this flag means that this coastal area has been awarded as a beach with excellent environmental management and management, which ensures quality waters, environmental awareness around this area, services of excellence in hygiene and safety,

If you have come to visit a beach and you can see this flag, without a doubt, you will enjoy an exquisite atmosphere, pure relaxation and the most important thing is that you must behave according to the characteristics of the place. You should not leave traces of garbage when you leave or move, as you will receive a notification that this is not the right thing to do. The vast majority of people, lovers of the sea and its places, know this type of seal that we are talking about today and, not only do they know it, but they look for places that have this distinction. It is preferable for many, those beaches or areas that have been certified with the Blue Flag, as it is a seal that has international prestige and is endorsed by a series of world-renowned specialists in the field.

The very history of this label expresses the seriousness and professionalism of the work they do, an idea that arose that a European country, in the 80s of the last century, has been globalized and even in 2021 it continues to be an aspiration for many. Like everything else, it is a label whose perspective has changed over the years, as it necessarily has to change in order to adjust to the ever-changing reality. In its beginnings it had the intention of rewarding those boats and seaports that professed their protection and love for the marine environment, it evolved, when years later it was proclaimed as an environmental education program, on this occasion it would include the beaches. Until now, it is an award for those coastal tourist areas that demonstrate sustainable development. Obviously, from a small program, It became one of the most influential in the world of tourism. Precisely because of the influence it has on tourism, it is a stamp that all destinations would like to have, for this reason, the requirements have been increasing to make it truly distinctive.